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Rates are based on 1 000 SAP credits Rates are based on 1 000 000 SAP credits

WEWEC.COM - automatic Credits Exchange of the best Systems Of Active Promotion

Don't you know about Systems Of Active Promotion, credits, Lose, Punkte, referral and exchange? Then read this article necessarily and find out how to advertise your site or blog and/or get extra money online.

Here you can buy or sale credits of System Of Active Promotion (SAP), which are some of the best of its kind (we think so). We wrote little article about earning online and Systems Of Active Promotion (SAP), which over time will be updated. If you already have experience of using SAP, or the first time you hear about this - read our article.

JetSwap (and JetSwap partner systems), eBesucher, Klammlose, HitHost, IPWeb, Uniq-Ip - you can buy and sale (to exchange) credits of these SAP on our exchange automatically.

Active and regular users, as well as our referrals at Systems of Active Promotion, receive bonuses.

Administration of this site is updated daily currency exchange rates, thus we guarantee good prices to buy and sell SAP credits.

Exchange Statistics

During the existence of the exchange we served 4 393 customers.

The biggest purchase is 800 000 000 KlammLose credits.

The biggest sale is 1 538 872 824 KlammLose credits.

The number of customers
The number of new customers


eBesucher BTP/MTP buyout has closed

Due to changes in policy eBesucher service, unfortunately, we can no longer buyout credits of this system. Details are here.

WEWEC service since new year will provide its users new and unique features that are not found in any other SAP Exchange.

Trading platform for eBesucher and KlammLose

Today we have opened new service weMart. weMart - is a trading platform, which helps for eBesucher and KlammLose users make deals each other at prices that you agree.

Bonus and discounts for our refferals

We have updated the list of referrals. All our referrals, of any system with which we work, in a transaction receive bonuses and discounts!

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WEWEC.COM - private, independent service. Our goal - the creation of a larger project working in the field of Internet surfing and online marketing, which makes the process of sharing SAP credits, SAP advertising and advertising networks (Google Adwords, Yandex, Begun, etc.) as quickly as possible, safe and convenient for our customers.

WEWEC.COM does not accept money transactions in any currency to bank accounts, does not work with online auctions.

WEWEC.COM never carry SAP credits exchange in manual mode, do not offer their services to share through email, Instant Messaging.

WEWEC.COM operates and provides services only on the basis of the agreement. If you offer the services on our behalf, but the process of the transaction will not go through our website (check the address bar) - this is deliberate fraud, take action to collect as much information about them and pass them on to law enforcement agencies in your country.

Partner Systems

SAP credits of,,,,,,,,,, etc. - is also JetSwap credits and they can be purchased or sold on our exchange. Your login on these sites is the JetSwap system login.

If you use or the owner of a good System of Active Promotion - contact us about this () and we will look to connect our exchange to your System of Active Promotion.


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