I want to buy JetSwap credits throught WEWEC.COM. How long should I wait for enrollment credits to my account?

Credits will be sent to your account immediately after payment of the application. Immediately make sure that you received your amount of credits. Otherwise, please contact our customer support

I'm going to sell JetSwap credits. How quickly the application will be processed?

Applications for the sale of credits are also processed immediately. After the completion of the sales transaction, make sure that the money is credited to your account in full.

What payment services operates WEWEC.COM?

WEWEC.COM service uses Payeer, Yandex.Money and WebMoney. You can buy and sell credits more than 100 ways.

I want to advertise my website at JetSwap network. What do I need to it?

First of all, you need to sign up at JetSwap, if you have not already done so. After, you need to purchase JetSwap credits where you wish (it can be at WEWEC.COM). With a credits, you can add your site in promotion network or distribution of advertise e-mail to users of the JetSwap system. This can be done directly in your JetSwap system account in 'Advertising'.

Why do I need to register my e-mail on the service WEWEC.COM?

To perform operations on the site WEWEC.COM we ask our users to specify a valid e-mail. It is necessary to control operations and improved safety.

If you use your e-mail on our website for the first time - it must be confirmed. To the specified address we will send for new users a message which contains a link to confirm their e-mail.

This operation is sufficient to carry out one time - in the future we will not bother you for e-mail confirming.

Also, you will be able to receive e-mail messages with information on our service, events in JetSwap. Newsletter can be disabled by using a link at the bottom of letter.

How to increase purchase limit?

We set for our users individual purchase limits. It means, that user can't buy credits by amount greater than he will see at buy process. But permitted to make unlimited number of repeat purchases.

For increase purchase limits, must:

  1. Regularly (at least a month) make purchases within established limit.
  2. Send order to customer support for increase purchase limit. Specify in order a name of the payment system (for example, Yandex.Money) and email, which are used in purchase transactions.

How can I get a bonus for buying / selling credits?

Attention! When purchasing credits bonuses are in credits. When selling credits, bonuses are in money.

If you want to receive a bonus, we offer two options:

  • Just use our services regularly. Then you will have the opportunity to receive bonuses - opportunity is random
  • Within a month, buy / sell 1 million credits at our exchange - then we will immediately provide you maximum bonus

The second option is the most advantageous, because to the end of the calendar month for one-time buy / sell of 20 000 credits you will be given bonus. Monthly savings can be found at the end of transaction. If at the time of the transaction your account savings is less than 1 000 000 credits, and you make a buy / sell of amount that exceeds the threshold for the accumulation of more than 20 000 - we are going to pay bonus for you.

Bonus calculation

Monthly savings amount 125 000 credits, now you are buying/selling 934 234 credits.

You get a bonus for 125 000 + 934 234 - 1 000 000 = 59 234 credits. For top up monthly savings to 1 000 000 credits you use 875 000 credits, and of the rest 59 234 credits we count your bonus, because the condition of the monthly savings done and payment exceeds 20 000 credits.

Monthly savings amount 990 000 credits, now you are buying/selling 25 000 credits.

You don't get a bonus, because 10 000 credits you use for top up monthly savings to 1 000 000 credits, and the rest 15 000 credits not enough to get bonus, because under the terms of the bonus program the client receives an additional payment in the sell above 20 000 credits, after the monthly savings amount to 1 000 000 credits.

Monthly savings amount 1 023 023 credits, now you are buying/selling 21 354 credits.

You get a bonus, because under the terms of the bonus program the client receives an additional payment if he sells above 20 000 credits, after the monthly saving amount to 1 000 000 credits.