weMart βετα - Trading platform for eBesucher and KlammLose

weMart service helps to all eBesucher and KlammLose users make deals each other at prices that you agree.

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Suggestions for buyers

WebMoney Payeer

weMart was created specially for users, which like to buy and sell eBesucher and KlammLose credits by ads at forums.

  • From now buyers don't have to wait when a seller will be online and translate credits to buyer
  • Sellers are spared from having to read comments to payments and verify that money was sent to seller purse and amount of a payment.
  • All deals are performed automatically, and weMart is the guarantor of a receipt of payment and sending credits.

We tried to make weMart easy for you and always ready to get and make your suggestions for WEWEC improvement.

With our service your money and SAP credits are secure. Try, it is really easy!

Chatroom for buyers and sellers

Information for sellers

To sell credits on weMart, please, fill the form:

  1. Select a system, credits which you want to place on the trading platform
  2. Enter an amount of credits, which you wish to sell
  3. Then enter your login (that, which you will use for selling credits) and pay password (we recommend to use one-time passwords)
  4. Select pay systems, which you want to use for getting payments. Write your purse numbers (those, on which you want to get payments). Be careful - funds are awarded automatically! If you enter a wrong account number, funds will not be able to return
  5. Enter an e-mail. Accept it, if you haven't done it on our website before
  6. Click 'Create sale'. Your application is ready :)

The minimum credits amount that can be placed on weMart:

  • eBesucher BTP: 75 000
  • eBesucher MTP: 1 000
  • KlammLose: 150 000 000

If after several purchases a balance of your application will be less than the limits specified above - credits will be automatically refunded to your account, and an application will be closed. You will be notified by e-mail about it.

Commission depends on a payment system (weMart not impose any additional monetary commissions):

  • Yandex.Money: 0.5%
  • WebMoney: 0.8%
  • Payeer: 0.0%

Attention! At a stage of beta testing you can't to withdraw an application by yourself. For repayment email our support. Returned will be an amount of credits that remained at the time of the consideration of your application.

All fields are required. We'll do the rest for you ;).

Payment system
  • Yandex.Money
  • WebMoney
    • WMZ
    • WME
    • WMR
  • Payeer
    • USD
    • EUR
    • RUB
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Application creating

System of Active Promotion (SAP):
  • eBesucher
    • BTP
    • MTP
  • KlammLose
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